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Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA®)

Obtaining the CMCA Credential

Obtaining the CMCA credential demonstrates that you possess the fundamental knowledge required to effectively manage community associations. Community association managers play a vital role in ensuring the stability and success of community associations. Being an effective community association manager requires a great deal of knowledge in many areas. Community association homeowners need some way to measure a manager's professional knowledge. The CMCA credential provides that standard. Only individuals who have demonstrated the fundamental knowledge required to manage community associations will qualify for the CMCA credential.

Obtaining the CMCA credential also demonstrates your commitment to enhancing the community associations you manage. Managers who raise their own professional standards will gain their homeowners' confidence. Homeowners will look for the CMCA credential when hiring a manager.

CMCA Certificant

A CMCA certificant is committed to staying informed about current community association issues.

CMCA certificants must take continuing education courses to qualify for recertification. By doing so, they learn more about their profession and learn about new issues.

Since community association management requires a wide range of skills, the continuing education requirement encourages managers to gain additional knowledge in a variety of subject areas.

Community association management constantly changes. Managers must stay informed about important legal and technological issues affecting community associations.

By knowing that their manager is required to gain additional knowledge and skills in community association management, homeowners gain confidence in a CMCA certificant's management skills. Homeowners can rest assured that their manager can handle common and emerging problems.

Professional Conduct

CMCA certificants are held to a high standard of professional conduct.

Community association managers hold a great deal of control over association finances and operations. Therefore, they must adhere to high ethical standards. To obtain the CMCA, a manager must agree to abide by the Standards of Professional Conduct. The Standards are enforced through conduct investigations and hearings.

Homeowners are confident in managers who are committed to the high ethical standards required by certification.

National Credential

The CMCA is a national credential.

The CMCA provides a national standard of knowledge required for community association managers. Managers moving from state to state will be able to show their new associations that they posses the fundamental knowledge expected of professional managers. Homeowners in every state will know what the CMCA credential signifies, eliminating the need to determine other states' community association management professional standards

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Recent News

Anne Hoffman, CMCA®, Hired as Director of Association Management for RealManage, Illinois

RealManage would like to announce the hiring of Anne Hoffman, CMCA®, as Director of Association Management for its Illinois market.

Terry Bascher, Hired As VP of Operations for Dallas-Fort Worth

RealManage is pleased to announce the hiring of Terry Bascher as the Vice President of Operations for the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Terry has over 25 year's business leadership service within the hospitality and community management industries. Her background encompasses being an executive leader and consultant for 20 years serving private clubs, resorts, and golf operations, specializing in revenue growth and customer service excellence.

Before joining the RealManage family, she served as senior vice president of management for six years providing direction and leadership to community managers, directors, and boards, including new developments and established associations. Ms. Bascher has also authored articles on customer service and marketing for The Boardroom and Club Management Magazines and served as a Speaker/Trainer for Crittenden, The Professional Marketing Association and Club Manager's Association of America.

Rolando Coronado, DFW Senior Vice President, states, "I am so excited to announce the addition of Terry Bascher to the RealManage family. She is a talented leader who has a wealth of experience in the community management industry. I fully expect her to hit the ground running as our new Vice President of Operations, exceeding our client's expectations and serving our associates in the Dallas-Ft Worth market."


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