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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the responsibility of the Association's Board of Directors?

A. Typically, the Board of Directors is responsible to maintain, protect, and enhance the common areas and values of the total community.

Q. Where does the Association's and Board of Director's authority come from?

A. *State Statutes, *Court Decisions, *The Governing Documents

Q. What are the governing documents?

A. The Association's Governing Documents include: The Declaration, CCR's, Master Deed, Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Plats, Board Resolutions and Rules and Regulations.

Q. What is the common area?

A. The common area (or limited common area/elements) is defined in the governing documents. It is the land for use and most of all, enjoyment of the members of the Association. It can include facilities like, the pool(s), tennis court, playground, walking trails, parking lots, hallways, exercise rooms or the building structures as in a condominium.

Q. Should every Homeowner read their governing documents?

A. Yes - Absolutely! These documents define and provide for the communal basis for preserving, maintaining and enhancing the values of their homes, properties and condominiums.

Q. How does Gold Crown assist the Board of Directors with their regularly scheduled meetings, annual meeting or a special meeting?

A. Gold Crown, with the approval of the Board of Directors, prepares the notice of the meeting; assists the President with the agenda (order of business for the meeting); provides supporting materials, provides the corporate office (free of charge) for most meetings; assists with site preparation (annual and special meetings); education of Board in the conduct of meetings for effective decision making within the basic principles or parliamentary procedure and support for the meeting's Presiding Officer.

Q. As a Board member, how do I know what insurance is needed for our Association?

A. The governing documents require types of coverages, amounts, use of proceeds and all procedures.

Gold Crown, by virtue of its years of experience, relationships with the most qualified area/state brokers, and our continuing education as it relates to advance insurance and risk management, can assist the Board of Directors with the most effective ability for the Association to gather and determine its components and costs of insurance coverage.

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